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Higher Levels of Mediumship

*The Foundational Keys to Mediumship class is a prerequisite for this class*

2019 details coming soon

This course has been specifically designed for those with a basic understanding of mediumship to reach for new levels of accuracy in their demonstration of mediumship, both in private readings and public/platform work.

Those committed to remaining focused on the evidential aspects of information and the clear evidential proof of the continuity of life will have their current level of gift expanded.  We will explore symbolism, states of consciousness, mind focus and empowerment techniques.  You will have the opportunity for your work to be examined closely.  Some of the common problems and fears of public work will be addressed.  Various techniques will be employed to allow you to see your own present standard of work and clear direction will be given to reach new heights of mediumship. 

Practice, practice, practice and the establishment of private development circles will also be our focus.  Our primary focus is the personal attunement of your spiritual, psychic and mediumistic qualities, allowing you to reach your fullest potential.



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