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Mastering the Healing Attunement


International Healer & Medium David Schiesser

Colin Bates

Saturday, July 18 & Sunday, July 19, 2020

Saturday 9am - 4pm
Sunday 2 - 6pm
$100 non-refundable deposit due upon registration
the balance is due June 18, 2019
*please note: should the class still be open after June 18, full payment is due upon registration*


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Join us, join me to endeavor and unfold your true potential as a Spiritual Healing Medium. The power of Spiritual Healing is open to us all but only a few feel the calling to investigate this incredible power in more depth. This course creates the opportunity for you to gain an even deeper understanding of the importance of the healing attunement – how it is created, nurtured, and maintained during the whole healing process – to create the best conditions for the healing power to manifest within our physical world. As in all other aspects of mediumship, your healing ability is unique. Through intensive practical exercises you will be given the time and guidance to explore and experience your own power as well as the power of healing, which is not only guided and administered by your healing team from the world of spirit but also provided by the great, great creative force that we call God. This course offers you the chance to work intensively on your healing attunement to strengthen even more your already existing connection with your healing guides, and it also will help you to gain the confidence within your healing work that you are seeking. To work with spiritual healing means to be of service, but also to allow yourself to grow and evolve within your ability as a healing medium.

This course covers:

  • The Presence & Power of Your Healing Team
  • Evoking the Power of Self
  • Exploring the Universal Healing Power
  • Refinement of the Spiritual Healing Power through Intensive Practical Exercises
  • Investigating the Altered States of Consciousness

This Course is open to all levels

David Schiesser was born and raised in Switzerland but is now living in the UK. Back in Switzerland he worked as a Project Manager and Service Fulfilment Coordinator and gained many skills and experiences which helped him to grow into to person that he is today. Moving to the UK wasn’t just moving from one country to another, for David it was making a decision to follow his dream and heart’s desire to try something completely different. David is a medium, healer and speaker; he is a certificate holder of the Spiritualist National Union. For the past 10 years he served churches around the world; his greatest passion is for healing mediumship.
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