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Radical Forgiveness Ceremony:
Forgive & Connect to the Divine


Bonnie Grossman

Sunday, September 29, 2019

2 - 4pm


Full payment due upon registration

at The Journey Within


•Have you tried to forgive?

•Is it easy to find inner peace?

•Are you carrying pain from the past?

This is a powerful experience that can truly change your life forever!

This sacred, powerful ceremony will allow you to forgive yourself and others in a non-threatening atmosphere, without having to verbalize your story. As we walk the circle, we will witness our story and honor the pain of others - and become empowered by the understanding that events in our lives contain a deeper meaning and contributed to our growth. You will leave with increased clarity and positive, loving energy flowing through your body.

Come learn about what events you are carrying from your past, and how they manifest in your chakras as you release shame, guilt and resentment and open your heart to gratitude and acceptance.

Bonnie Grossman is a Radical Forgiveness Master Coach, Life Coach and author of “How to Heal from an Unhealthy Relationship”. She is an EFT Tapping practitioner and expert in Family Constellations. Bonnie is an internationally recognized presenter with over 16 years teaching courses. She brings a lot of passion, and integrity to her work.


Call or send Registration to: The Journey Within, 25 Carr Street, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442. Please include: Radical Forgiveness, September 29, 2019 , your name, address, email address, phone number(s), and payment, including expiration date if you're paying by credit card.  Thank you.


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