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Vernal Equinox


Spring Returns - Rejoice

Thursday, March 19, 2020


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Winter now left behind, the seeds of spring are ready to manifest. In autumn the seeds fall to the earth, sinking into the rich black of the depths, dormant during the cold of winter. Tended by the Creative Inner Spirit they now resurrect in new life. Within the Shen, eternal circle of protection, the Hidden Supreme Spirit is fully present resting upon the Watery Nu, womb of creation, held by the Djed pillar, symbol of stability. The Inner Life rises to fill the Axis Mundi, the Tree of Life, of our Being. Life is thus eternal, uncreated and unending. Come and experience the balance now felt at the Vernal Equinox. Come be encircled within this powerful energy. Arise and rejoice in our Ritual. Join us as we bring to life the dreams held dormant during the cold of our personal winter.

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